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5 Must-Have Estate Planning Documents

As the New Year progresses, there is no better time to start thinking about estate planning. To start your year off right, here is a checklist of the five must-have pieces to every solid estate plan. 1.  Will This is the most obvious starting point of every estate plan – and, in fact, most people who have done some form of estate planning probably…

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5 Estate Planning Nightmares from Around the Country

With the proper estate planning, the following situations could have been avoided. The truth is, many fail to adequately plan their estate, which can potentially lead to outcomes such as these worst-case scenarios. 1.  Mom had been in the nursing home on private pay for over 7 years.  After paying over $700,000 to the nursing…

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Standby Guardianship of Minor Children

Every parent, for their own peace of mind, should have a standby guardianship in place ready to be used if the situation occurs where neither parent is available to care for the minor children.

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