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Trusts Aren’t Marital Property, Says Massachusetts Supreme Court

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in Curt Pfannenstiehl v. Diane Pfannenstiehl recently came to an important decision regarding how Massachusetts treats spendthrift trusts in divorce. By doing so, the court overthrew the controversial decisions of the lower courts, which would have radically adjusted the way trusts are viewed in Massachusetts. The function of these trusts…

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The Importance of Keeping Beneficiaries Updated

The importance of updating your beneficiary designations, specifically for policies which fall under Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (“FEGLI”)  for life insurance policies has just been highlighted by the Supreme Court’s 9-0 decision in Hillman v. Maretta.  During the marriage of Mr. Hillman and Ms. Maretta, Mr. Hillman named Ms. Maretta as the beneficiary of his…

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Estate Planning and Second Marriages

If you are thinking about remarriage after a divorce, there is much to consider.  Second marriages have become far more common in recent years, as divorce rates and life expectancy both increase.  While pursuing a life with someone you love is an exciting endeavor, especially after the initial devastation that a divorce can cause, there…

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Can Estate Planning Prevent Divorce?

The number of Americans over 65 who are divorced has radically increased in the last 15 years and elder law attorneys believe that asset preservation is the main cause.

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