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Archive for March 2013

Writing Your Social Media #Will

While writing your will you may think about who will inherit your home, drive your car, or care for your pets.  You may even worry about who will bear the burden of your debt.  With so many things to concern yourself with you may not give a second thought to the afterlife of your social…

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Disinheriting Someone Isn't Always Easy

The desire to disinherit someone from a will isn’t always as negative as it sounds. While most times individuals are disinherited out of anger or pride, it isn’t unheard of to desire one person to receive more or less of an estate due to financial and personal need. However, there are certain rules and guidelines to take into consideration…

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Don’t Leave Your Legacy to Chance: Estate Planning For Lottery Winners

It seems pulled from the pages of a mystery story, but you may have heard it in the headlines recently.  What happens if you win the lottery but die mysteriously shortly after? Urooj Khan may have gotten lucky when he hit the jackpot for $1 million in the Illinois Lottery, but shortly after things took…

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